Iran Diary

Welcome! I would like to say first of all that this is still a work in progress. There are many holes to fill and I plan on adding to this travelogue as time permits. Please do not be discouraged if the text suddenly cuts out. Also, the contents are all first draft, unedited and with no real structure, thus any nuggets of wisdom and insight may be buried in reams of seemingly inane commentary. Feel free to flip through and just look at the pictures. Note that the photos are fairly low quality, this is to speed up render time of each webpage. If you require higher resolution do not hesitate to contact me.

Navigation can be done by either the Contents Tab, or by clicking the page fold in the top right corner. Click on the fold to go back one page, on the page corner behind to continue to the next page. Clicking on the blue triangles will open and close each entry. The People section is kept under lock and key to protect the identities of all those concerned in the text. Needless to say all names have been changed throughout the text.

Any updates will be mentioned on the blog, where I enourage any discussion on the contents within.

The following are all the posts I made regarding Iran during November:

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