In September 2004, I decided to spend one month in Turkey traveling alone through there and Cyprus. I was initially split between seeing eastern Turkey (Erzurum, Kars, etc) or visiting Cyprus. While a difficult choice, the attraction of seeing a divided country and the world's last divided capital made the decision for me. Though eastern Turkey would have been surely more interesting than the West, Cyprus proved to be a fabulous choice. I was unfortunately struck down with high fever for around 4 days in Cyprus left unable to do anything except go out for food. This had the regretable effect of my not having enough time to make it to Antakya (formerly Antioch) on the Syrian border.

My month in Turkey and Cyprus was not only relaxing but taught me a great deal. Already interested in Turkey's Ottoman past, I wanted to look into its possible European future as it's historically been torn between East and West, similar to Russia. Modern Turkey was inexpensive, hospitable, filled with endless history and offered an absolutely outstanding array of culinary delights!

Here you'll find a map of my travels, some history of Turkey, a journal of my time there and various pictures with my reflections and notes.

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