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One of the many mosques of Istanbul, the Blue Mosque. Confusingly enough, there are a few dozen mosques which look quite similar to this all over the city.

Below, right across from the Blue Mosque, is the Hagia Sophia or Church of the Holy Wisdom, is a former Greek Orthodox church which was converted into a mosque and today is a museum. Kemal Atatürk secularized it in 1934 and turned into the Ayasofya Museum. It did cost an outrageous entrance fee of around 6 dollars.

A shipwreck on the Golden Horn that seems to have been there for a long time. It was still there when Curzon visited a year and a half later.

A fruit vendor with his horse walking through the winding streets of the old city. There were hundreds of wandering vendors with various fruits, breads or sweets. In other country of the Middle East, I've seen mostly sedentary vendors whereas almost all of them here seemed to wander around.

The aqueduct of Valerian, built sometime in the mid 200's by the Roman Emperor Valerian.

At the turn of the century, German Kaiser Wilhelm II took a tour of the Ottoman empire. Upon arrival in Constantinople, he gave the Sultan a huge fountain as a present. He later visited other parts of the empire such as Baalbeck in Lebanon which I visited on another trip. The plaque which I overlayed reads "Wilhelm the German Kaiser donated this fountain in thankful memory of his visit to his majesty, Sultan of the Ottomans Abdul Hamid II, in August in the year of 1898."

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