In my gripe about smog in the previous entry, Chengdu really comes to mind. The city itself wasn't particularly dirty, and the food was absolutely delicious, but the smog was so thick you could barely see the buildings down the street.

Smog... and more smog... One cause? Getting sleepy in Chengdu.

That's not to say that we didn't have fun seeing the sites. Chengdu has some very interesting gardens and temples.

Chinese chess, a very popular pastime.

Slumming in Shichuan

Easily the highlight of visiting Shichuan province was the chance to go out into the sticks and visit the rural areas. We had the chance to spend the day with a guide who brought us to a village where we had a local meal of rice, fish and tofu.

"What is he looking at?" Part 1.

"What is he looking at?" Part 2.

We finished our day in rural Shichuan by visiting an old town that had a great feel of the slow life in southwestern China.

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