Crazy Vietnam Travel Photos and the case of the Poisonous Rhubarb

Vietnam is a fun country, but there's no shortage of crazy stuff that would shock most Westerners. Read the original blog post to read the story about the poisonous rhubarb.

Ear Doctor on the Streets of Hanoi

In many ways, this is the scariest photo -- an ear doctor has an enormous pair of forcepts down the ear of his patient at about 7pm. It's dark and there's hardly any light. Most bizarre is the cage of birds right about the patient's chair, as if this was taking place in a mine shaft, not the streets of the national capital.

We saw a similar sight in a tea garden in Chengdu, where a man wielding a pair of giant tongs cleaned the ears of patrons.

Snake Wine and Fetus Sauce?

Don't ask.

I found this pile of what appears to be live ordnance in the ruins of Hue. Regular reader and Vietnam veteran Lirelou chimes in: "Looks like 40mm M-79 grenade launcher rounds. Most likely dropped by the ARVNs, since they bore the brunt of the heaviest fighting in Hue."

And of course, no such page on Vietnam would be complete without mentioned the traffic. And what traffic it was!

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