Saigon to Tokyo

During the winter of 2005-2006, I took a journey across East Asia with a close friend. The trip began in southern Vietnam, took us north through the country and into southern China, then across the continent to Shanghai, from where we took a ferry to Japan. I blogged throughout the journey, and many of the entries of this final travelogue are based on posts. Whenever you see "Original Blog Post" icon on the right side of the page, you can access that page by clicking the scroll icon.

Let there be light

Why this journey? Part of it was practical: I had to be in Japan by early January. But there was more than that. The contributors at are always looking to see more of the world first-hand. This was the perfect opportunity for a true journey across the Far East.

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Tally Ho! Curzon is off to Saigon

The map above is the general picture of our route. The first page for each country's section will begin with a more detailed picture of our route.

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AUDIO TRACK: A Naxi ensemble recorded in Lijiang.

c. 2006