Yup, we're in China.

I studied Chinese as a high school student in Japan, but I speak very little of the language; however, as I am fluent in Japanese, which has a written language based on Chinese characters, I can get around China remarkably easily with a pen and notepad. I also had the chance to read and take pictures of several "propaganda" signs shown below.

Many thanks to reader Sonagi, who is fluent in Chinese, for her collaboration corrections!

Plastered on a wall in Dali: "Love life, prevent AIDS."

Written on a chalkboard at the Dali Mosque: "Patriotism is one component of the Islamic religion."

Painted on the side of a school in Lijiang: "Implementation of family planning education is a fundamental policy of our nation!"

The English speaks for itself at this mobile blood drive in Chengdu. Note that the tent was empty.

Painted on a wall in Leshan: "Deeping the development of party members through advanced education, building and make Leshan flourish!

Painted on a wall in a village in Shichuan province: "The policy of the party is for one couple to have one child!"

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c. 2006