Hue, in Sepia

The weather was good throughout our trip, and we were lucky to arrive just after storms struck the coast. But on some dreary days, particularly our second day in Hue, color photos came out poorly. And for some photographs I decided to switch my digital camera to a sepia filter for a real 19th century feel. Nineteen of those photos follow, taken at a number of locations in central and north Vietnam.

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Rural Vietnam, 1 Rural Vietnam, 2 Hue Ruins, 1 Hue Ruins, 2
Hue Ruins, 3 Hue Ruins, 4 The Perfume River in Hue. Closeup of a soldier statue in Hue.
Gate at the Hue Tombs. Wet pathway in Hue. Landscape outside Hanoi. An overloaded boat near the Perfume Pagoda.
Boat en route to the Perfume Pagoda. Paddle boat near the Perfume Pagoda. Hue Tombs, 1 Hue Tombs, 2
Stairway at the Hue ruins. Statues of a Mandarin and peasants in Hue The mountains surrounding Sapa.

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AUDIO TRACK: Ringing bells in a Hanoi Temple.

c. 2006