By mid-January, I was back in Tokyo for the first time in five months. It was great to be back after a month on the road: having spent so many years in Japan, in many ways it feels more like home than either the United States or the United Kingdom (which I can also call my "nation of origin"). I'm writing the final words of this travelogue at the late date of June 2006, currently on assignment in New York City, but I was based in Tokyo for the first five months of the year, and a few photos follow.

Tocho, Tokyo's City Hall (seriously)

The best food on earth! Ahh, vending machines. Jinbocho, the old book stores of town. With Masamania!
Spring blossoms. Classic Shinto. Yokohama at dusk. The weirdos of Harajuku.

As a guy who loves theology and the religions of the world, I'll close with four photos from places of worship in Tokyo, including a photo of a Shinto wedding ceremony. That's all for now, but rest assured that there are many more fun journeys ahead, and more travelogues to follow!

The main Torii gate at Yasukuni Shrine. St. Nicolai Church at Ochanomizu. Meiji Shrine. A Shinto Wedding at Kanda Shrine.

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