as-Salamu al-Alaiykum,

This year, Mrs. Chirol and I decided on a compromise vacation. It would be a relaxing "beach trip" but also in an location where interesting daytrips could be taken. Thus, instead of typical European package destinations like Spain or Italy, we opted for Tunisia. However, while it may sound exotic to Americans, Tunisia is seen as somewhat similar to Cancun. It's cheap, on the beach and mostly a working-class destination where people see nothing of the country. If you tell someone you've been to Tunisia, they normally assume you've seen only the airport and your hotel.

We opted for an inexpensive deal in Hammamet, a beach resort for both Tunisians and Europeans alike. The horror! The horror! It was however, a great vacation as one can't venture through unstable war torn countries all the time. It was a good opportunity to unplug for a week and to have a short introduction to North Africa. As you can imagine, it won't be my last trip there!

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